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Special Guess Matric 10th Class 2020 Biology Paper 2020

Special Guess Matric 10th Class 2020 Biology Paper 2020

Special Guess Matric 10th Class 2020 Biology Paper 2020

Here is list of important guess paper which include important question related to matric 10th class biology subject. Just get theme and get sure success in 10 class biology paper 2020.


Bio Guess 10th
Two sitution face by leaf, mechanism of breathng, asthma,pnemonia, lung cancer, homestasis in plants, bed effect of smoking, urinry systm of human, kidney complete, nerve cel, cerebrum peripheral nervous systm, eye structre, blnce maintang by ear, adrenal gland pancreas, disords of nervous systm, muscles nd movement, types of cartilages, human skeleton, naturl propagatn in plants, double fertilizatn, asexual reproduction, germinatn of seed, aids, fertilazatncentral dogma, law of segregatn, varation lead to the evolution, mechanism of evolution, component of ecosystm, nitrogen nd carbn cycle, symbiosis , air & water polution, 3Rs, biotechnology, fermentation, genetic engenerng, drugs, hallucinagens, vaccines, antibiotic resistance!


Guess Biology 10th 2020
 Write the role of skin in homeostasis?
 Write the types of Coordination.
 Write the names of two types of cartilage.
 Write the names of components of Coordination Action.
 Write the names of the hormones secreted by ovaries.
 Write the functions of hypothalamus.
 Write name of three main parts of brain?
 Write the difference between Elastic cartilage and Fibrous cartilage?
 Write four symptoms of pneumonia.
 Write down types and symptoms of Bronchitis?
 Write down types of nerves on basis of axon characters?
 Write down the symptoms and treatment of Asthma?
 Write down the differences among motor neurons, sensory neurons and inter-neurons?
 Write down the normal chemical composition of urine?
 Write down the difference between inspiration and expiration?
 Write down function of coordinator?
 Write down the cause of paralysis?
 Write down examples of response?
 Write a note on Autonomic Nervous System.
 Write about contribution of Ali ibn-e-Sina about eye?
 Why transpiration does not take place at night?
 Which drugs are taken in the epilepsy?
 Which hormones are secreted by glands? What functions are controlled by these hormones?

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