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Profile Abdul Rashid


Abdul Rasheed Godil

Abdul Rasheed Godil
Born: 07 September 1962
Profession: Politician
Affiliation(s): MQM
Citizenship: Pakistani Live in Dhoraji


Abdul Rashid Godil was born to a Memon middle class family, his father”s name is Ahmed Haji Latif Godil. After independence his father migrated from Dhoraji, India to Dhoraji Karachi, Pakistan. He was born on 7th September 1960. His primary education, until matriculation was from V.M. Public School, Dhoraji, managed by the Ranggonwala Trust. After matriculation he attended Government National College (Karachi), and graduated with a degree in Commerce. As a student he began to teach underprivileged students near the college for free.

His first major social service activities started in 1985 when he was selected as the Vice President of the Abbabil Organization and Vice President for the Young Scholar organization. The Abbabil Organization”s main aim was to provide assistance for the purchase of textbooks, and Young Scholar Organization was to provide tutoring for and recognize the achievements of outstanding students.

After some years he became involved in the Dhoraji Association and was elected Vice President of the Dhoraji Association for 1999-2001. In 1999 he was selected as a M.C. member of the All Pakistan memon federation in 2000 he became the first member from Dhoraji to join World Memon Organization. After three years he was elected with a great amount of community support to the post of President of the Dhoraji Association. He was the youngest President of the Dhoraji Association in 60 years. In his two years serving as president he increased the funding of the Association by 150%. He promoted the concept that the Dhoraji Association should not only give Zakat to the needy but provides a means to help and promote the community at large. During his two year tenure the Dhoraji cricket team won the ALL Pakistan Memon Cricket Tournament. Also during this time 13 community students won first place in qirat and naat competitions. In 2002 till now He is member of Supreme council of APMF

In 2003 he was elected as a Board Member of W.M.O. As board member he attended conferences in many different parts of the world including Kenya, India, UAE, Sri Lanka. In 2005 He took part in the nazim election in the Karachi as a member of Haq Parast. For one year he worked as a nazim, accomplishing many things. He conceived and implemented development projects in Bahadurabad, Sharif Abad, and Dhoraji. In 2006 he was working as a coordinator for the Gulshan town Haq Parast under Nazim Wasay Jalil, where his achievements were applauded.

Following his success as coordinator, Quaid e Tehrek Janab Altaf Husain Bhai announced his name as a candidate for the National Assembly for the 252nd district. Workers of MQM arranged meetings all over the region, contacting the maximum amount of residents in the area, leading to his election to the National Assembly.


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