Nawab Babar Khan Sial elected as Chairman District Council Jhang Unofficial Result


Nawab Babar Khan Sial wins the chairmanship for the district jhang he is nominated by the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz in jhang. This result is unofficial yet.

Here are the full unofficial result list

(1) Chairman District Council Jhang
Babar Khan Sial (PML-N)= 67
Sahibzada Habib Sultan= 48
(2) Chairman Municipal Committee Jhang
Sheikh Nawaz Akram (PML-N)= 38
Ali Raza Tipu (Yaqoob group) =6
Muhammad Akram Tiwana (Ind./SSP defunct)= 6
Muhammad Aslam(Ind./SSP defunct)=11
(3) Chairman Municipal Committee 18-Hazari
Habib ur Rehman Chela (Ind./Chela Group)= 10
Muhammad Ramzan (Ind./Najaf Khan Group)= 05
(4) Chairman Municipal Committee Shorkot
Advocate Ashiq Ali (Ind./Sahibzada Group)= 00
Haji Muhammad Rafi Aarti (Ind./Khalid Ghani Group)= 24
(5) Chairman Municipal Committee Ahmed Pur Sial
Rana Tauqeer Abbas (Ind./Najaf Khan Group)= UNOPPOSED
(6) Chairman Municipal Committee Garh Maharaja
Muhammad Aslam Chadder (PML-N)= 12
Rana Muhammad Aslam (Ind./Sahibzada Group)= 06

Nawab Babar Khan Sial elected as Chairman District Jhang