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Meeting of Maulana Rumi and Hazrat Shams Tabrizi Ra Maulana Tariq Jameel


Maulana Rumi Ra says “Before I chose the companionship of Shamsuddeen Tabrizi Ra , there was a great distance between my knowledge and practice.” After my meeting with him, my soul was heated with the love of Allah. Initially, he tried to conceal himself out of modesty. He said: “I have nothing, why do you keep following me?”

In reply I said to him: “If one who is intoxicated tries to conceal the odor of wine by chewing cardamoms, to give the impression that he has not consumed any wine, he will not succeed, because the effects of the intoxication will become manifest in his eyes. How will he ever conceal that? Therefore, O Shamsuddeen, your nightly Tahajjud, meditation and zikr of Allah Ta’ala through the blessings of which you have attained the intoxication of the connection with Allah Ta’ala cannot be concealed, because your eyes give you away. Your eyes show that you have consumed abundant pitchers from the love of Allah.” When one just looks at the
faces of Ahlullah, one is reminded of Allah.

Maulana Rumi Ra requested Hazrat Shamsuddeen Tabrezi Ra thus

Do tell me about the great wealth of love and closeness to Allah which you carry in your heart,
You consume cauldrons from the love of Allah, Let me have only a sip, O my honorable Shaikh!

Jalaluddeen cannot tolerate that while his lips are dry, you are lost in enjoyment, drinking deeply from the love and recognition of Allah. After all, being your student, I too deserve at least something. Now that I have held your hand, grant me something.

Maulana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Saheb Ra, Connection with Allah p17- p18

URDU Meeting of Maulana Rumi and Hazrat Shams Tabrezi Ra Maulana Tariq Jameel – Watch and share with your friends.


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